About DAT

I am Dako Alice Temitope, one time known (and still known to my “clan”) as The Inkheart because of my love for everything creative… I am mixed breed, from Nigerian and Benin Republic; except one is by chance and the other is by choice (I will let you figure out which is which 😁). 

I have an undying love for great books especially paperbacks, great food, amazing conversation and organic/natural products (my mom basically groomed us with coconut oil and this is a tradition I plan to pass on to my kids and their kids and their kids). 

When I’m not scouting for books to read and going through Instagram looking for great feeds (especially those with kid videos and food pictures)  or playing cooking fever, I am working or sitting in a meeting with brand owners/bloggers to help them get the most off their brand especially on a budget. Yes, I am an idea builder, brand strategist as well a social media/blog consultant. 

I run a PR, online branding and digital marketing agency called Colours And Grey; a brand responsible for events like the CAG Bloggers’ Forum, CAG Bloggers’ Workshop and more…  You should totally check us out on instagram, facebook and twitter: @coloursandgrey and an instagram page dedicated to bloggers: @thebloggersadvocate (you should totally follow if you’re a blogger) 

If you will like to contact me to know more about what I do or will like to work with me (I am all for working together because I believe, we grow better when we grow together), you can follow my pages on IG and send a dm or mail: coloursandgrey@gmail.com or if you will like to correspond with me more personally, you can follow me on IG: @thedakoalice or chat with me via Whatsapp: +2348092904867… 

I look forward to hearing from you XOXO


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