I Am Definitely The Next Big Deal

Hello darlings, I’m so sorry I abandoned this blog for quite some days now; been having some major issues with my health, hence the need to take a week off anything that “looks like” work. Taking things slowly and equally trying to rest as much as I can before I get back to Lagos. For those who constantly send me messages to check up on me, I’ve got mad love for you guys!!!  I’m doing better and hopefully soon, I’m certified okay to go back to work (I miss Lagos 🙃).

So, sometime last week, I started a campaign on Instagram tagged #IAmTheNextBigDeal, a campaign set to promote and help people understand the importance of bloggers as an essential growth tool to the world at large as well to showcase blogging as a serious form of “business”; as serious as every other means of making money out there and equally to create awareness for the business of blogging as a serious “occupation” deserving of value no matter your status in the blogosphere (as a newbie, up and coming or established). This campaign was created to debunk so many myths surrounding blogging and being a blogger.

In almost 6 years of being a blogger, I have been called so many things by a lot of people, including my mom (well at first because it was sort of hard to understand that typing on your phone and laptop almost all day is a “career” but with evident progress made, my mom embraced and celebrated my choice of job). I can remember telling my friend I work as a full time blogger and he went “is that one job?!” (even when he knew I went to the office while working with 360nobs Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm as per with every other formal job) and this is one of the nicest terrible things people have said to me when I tell them I blog for a living. Sometimes, I find it so unnverving that a very large number of people (especially in this part of the world) get the idea of blogging and what bloggers do so wrongly and other times, I let what they say not bother me but I thought to myself one day: if we keep allowing people to think the worst about us, the culture of blogging will hardly be respectable and a lot of people will keep taking the things we do for granted.

So, I thought to myself: if we want change, we have to make the change happen. Hence, the birth of this campaign…  I know every blogger deserves so much for all the work they put into their craft; we deserve to be treated with respect and given value for our time (just as in every other business) because building a brand is equivalent to building any other brand (basically, building a blog is building a brand because so many bloggers have built great and well respected businesses from blogging).  

I am inviting every blogger to be a part of this amazing campaign (lol, I know it’s amazing 😀). To be a part of this is so simple, all you have to do is follow the instructions bwlow: 

  1. Share your journey as a blogger, what prompted to start blogging, challenges faced, opportunities gotten from blogging as well as what you are doing to become the next big deal (aspiration and goals to achieve as a blogger)
  2. Post a picture of yourself, do the above and tag us in the post (@coloursandgrey and thebloggersadvocate) and use the hashtag: #IAmTheNextBigDeal
  3. You can equally tag other bloggers for wider outreach… You can equally use one of the flyers too attached to this post too… 

To keep up with the campaign and what other bloggers are saying about being #TheNextBigDeal, follow @thebloggersadvocate on Instagram or like our newly created facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/thebloggersadvocate

P.S: art was created using canva (www.canva.com). If you will like a step by step tutorial on how to create simple designs for your blog post using canva, comment “YES” below. 

Till next post, I will be waiting to reply your comments… XOXO 



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