10 Weird Things About Me 

Ermm, how do you even start a blog post?! Sometimes, trying to get the perfect intro to your blog post can actually be daunting *whew*. I’m not going to sweat it much (since I am still the in the early phase) and just go with the flow (always the best to me anyways). 

Since it’s a new blog and basically a personal one, I have decided to start by introducing myself so you can relate with each other (in hope that you will tell me a bit about yourself too in the comment section) better. 

So, here we go; 10 (maybe not so) weird things about me:

1. My name is Alice and I totally hate it when people have to go “Alice in wonderland” or make me introduce myself that way because they can’t seem to get what I am. I also hate when people tell me “you’re bearing an ancient name, my grandma’s name was Alice”; like is that supposed to make feel good or bad 😏. So, in a way, I hate my English name and would rather go with my native name, although 97% of the people I know call me by Alice.

2. I’m not a fan of fried or ripe plantain. Like really, I don’t get the fuss about it. There are times I have forced myself to actually feel the amazing sensation you guys report you feel when eat plantain and I don’t just get it at all. Especially when it is soft, it is almost disgusting and I’m always like “what do people like in this thing like this”. Oh, I’m totally not a plantain chips fan; why torture yourself chewing super hard stuff?! I don’t get it really 😐… Oh, banana is equally not my thing too, the smell sets me off. Weirdly, one of my favourite meals is actually boiled unripe plantain with vegetable sauce; totally strange, I know. 

3. I’m a sucker for romance and I totally love love; I’m such a die hard romantic. The few people who know me really well know I do the cheesiest things. I can’t help it; if I like you (which is a rare thing), I will always do the silliest things like send you cute random gifs, memes, buy you stuff, want to take you out, bother about your business and the likes. Yeah, I’m that sweet but in a frigging twisted way, I rarely like people enough to these things for/to them. Some say I am afraid of commitment, some say I am “frigid”, some say I am scared to be hurt and I don’t know what you will think but I know it takes a whole lot to get me to get to that mood.

Yeah, I will rather just be liking romantic pictures on instagram and be liking love from afar rather than deal with the whole up and down of it. 

4. I love fashion, like really love fashion; so much so I style my siblings no matter where I am. I know I have a good eye for putting things together and making drab look fab except, I can’t be bothered with my own wardrobe 😢… Like what happens to wearing jeans from Monday to Sunday everywhere?! I have tonnes of jeans, tank tops, t-shirts, boy shirts and really, it is just the easiest things to put together. With dresses, you have to bother with what shoe goes with what 😏. No, I don’t like stress but I have not given up sha, soon, I will start wearing all these dresses and skirts my sister makes for me that are gathering dust at the bottom of my box. 

Oh, what I love looking good in though is great underwear (Too much information?! Don’t you wear underwear?!). I feel like if my bra and panties are not right, my outfit won’t be right; I basically won’t be comfortable. So, great underwear does the work for me when I need to feel sexy, like a boss, put together and all that.. Only if we could strut our stuff in pure lingerie (imagine the shock on your mummy’s face if you tell her this 😂)

Lol, forget you saw that tattoo😂😂

5. I’m a loner, like I can count the number of friends I actually have, not because they are not there but I’m just too lazy trying to keep up with everybody. I like to stay at home and read a book or think (I love thinking, it’s the best hobby there is). However, I’m totally a people person. There is a way I attract people to me that shocks my lone self. I have also equally learnt to be “unlazy” about making people laugh and chatting with people when I have to. Well, I had no choice about that; I work with “people”.

6. After great books, animations are totally my thing. I have watched tangled, cars2, turbo, frozen, sing, moanna like over and over without getting tired (my youngest sister fuels this addiction too anytime she comes to visit me). I love watching nickelodeon and Disney junior. I am not much of a music fan; I could go months without actually bothering with it (music in public places don’t count). I had a phone for almost two years with not one song on it… Yeah, I’m that weird. 

7. I can’t sleep with the light off if I’m alone at home. If there’s no light, I always have a torchlight close by (I actually sleep with one near my pillow where I can easily reach it 😂)

8. Gosh, I believe super strikas is the best things that happened to the Nigerian comic industry (if they have one). I have over 15 copies of super strikas (minus the ones I gave out or left with someone “mistakenly”). If I’m in any shoprite outlet and I have just 150 naira and I’m thirsty, I will buy supa strikas 😍😍… I am a fan and I don’t even like soccer or any sport like that. Maybe ees jazz *in frank donga’s voice. 

9. People are often shocked when I tell them this: I actually studied computer science in school but Lord knows it’s almost a waste of some of the years of my life. I will always be an ardent, staunch supporter of talent over formal education. I’m not saying don’t go to school o, I’m just saying if what you love to do is not taught in the four walls of a school, darling don’t waste your time studying something else you will end up stashing the certificate just so you can show people you went to school. Is it not just amazing that my God given special gifts have me almost all the money I’ve made?! Yeah, talent definitely over strict formal education; not even in this nigeria that the formal education system is almost like a joke.

10. How many types of shoes do you have?! You mean there are other types of shoes than sneakers?! 😂😂… I love sneakers, nude lipsticks, perfumes, body sprays, red wine, chocolate and you will never catch me chewing my nails (it gets on my nerves when I see people do this, I always have the urge to slap their hands). And oh, if I’m deep in thought or lost in concentration, I always suck on my tongue 🙈🙈…
Whew, that’s a long post… So, which of these points is the most shocking to you?!  Do you have similar weird habits?!  Kindly share with me via comment session… 

P.S: these are very rare pictures of me… I’m so not a picture person too.. Please, manage them… 

Till next post, I will be waiting to reply your comments… XOXO 


Dako Alice Temitope


8 thoughts on “10 Weird Things About Me 

  1. zaynab says:

    I thought I was alone cause I don’t get the fuss about plantain too. Its not that I don’t eat it sometimes but the way people say it like its the bomb bomb thing, I don’t just get it.


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