The Itch To Start Blogging;  Again 

Nigerian blogger, Nigerian lifestyle blogger, new blog, Dako Alice Temitope

Hello everyone… Yeah, a very common way to start a blog post but right now, can’t wrap my head around something better. So, pardon me and believe me it’s best kind of “Hello”; better than Adele’s version (lol, dry joke, I know). 

So,  for a while now, I’ve been having this itch to start blogging again. For those who know me well (or who have heard me talk, especially at my workshops: the CAG Bloggers Workshops), you will know I like to call myself a retired blogger (only if they give pensions to those who retire from blogging 😢) not because I don’t enjoy blogging (Lord, writing is basically the summary of everything I know how to do and been doing it since I could hold a pencil. Yep, my “story books” from way back can still be found somewhere in my house). I decided to “retire” because I was not just feeling the whole thing anymore; basically, working with key blogs in the country spoilt the “fun”; it became “work”. So, what was usually easy to do became super tedious, so I decided to chillax and just focus my energy on something different but totally blogging related (cos I’m that hooked)… 

In over a year, I had not written a blog post but focused my attention on helping bloggers get the most off their blogs by putting them through the latest digital marketing trends, social media tips and so much more. In that one year, I have been able to successfully hold 4 editions of the CAG Bloggers Workshop; 3 in Lagos and 1 in Ibadan. In these times frame, I have “trained” over 150 bloggers as well as work with over 100 key Nigerian and international brands through the virtue of collaborations, sponsorships, partnerships etc. I equally have a Whatsapp group for bloggers where we share tips on blogging, the business of blogging and everything else in between. 

I must say, it’s been a very fulfilling one year and an eye opening one for me; could not have asked for a better career but recently, been finding myself itch to start blogging again. And since this old wordpress blog I never got to use (except to leave comments and keep up with other blogs), I have decided to satisfy that itch… I will be sharing tips, tricks relating to blogging, some personal articles, fiction (as soon as my creative juice gets back from its long vacation) and so much more… I promise, it will be totally worth your time and data… 

So, I will love to see your subscriptions, read suggestions on what to write about as well as ways to keep you guys interested and words of encouragement, so I know this is really an itch worth satisfying…. You can equally drop your blog URL, I love discovering great blogs to read; like yours… Follow me too on Instagram: @thedakoalice, I always follow back..  

Till next post, I will be waiting to reply your comments.. XOXO

Nigerian blogger, lifestyle blogger, Nigerian lifestyle blogger, new blog, Dako Alice Temitope


12 thoughts on “The Itch To Start Blogging;  Again 

    • coloursandgreyinkheart says:

      Hello… Thank you so much for following my blog and the comment too… I have also followed your blog and will follow you on instagram in a bit…

      Welcome on board, I hope you find reasons to stick around more


      • newmistakeblog says:

        You’re welcome and thank you for checking out my blog. I will defiantly stick around to see where your blog journey goes!

        Liked by 1 person

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